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Stars Overlooking Sky
While her previous paintings represent idealised, near-monochromatic tiled interiors, these new works are painterly evocations of existing places of wellness, leisure and ablution. Relating to ideas such as asepsis, they are equally concerned with traditional painterly concerns and aspirations, such as the desire to capture in oil on canvas the transparency of water and endless modulations of light across its surface. The subtleties of form and atmosphere in these works resonate especially strongly with the historic city of Venice, where liquid and solid are held in fragile balance and perception is subject to the endless interplay of water, light and reflection.

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Anik Bergeron
Photography, Responsive Web Design
The webdesign makes full use of the new visual identity and clearly display.
Playing on the graphic variations which were produced from minimalistic geometric shapes, the agency has designed a visual identity which is contrasting, elegant and accessible, rich and multidisciplinary while matching the structure. A custom secondary navigation system. Through a meticulous design process conducted while fully considering Trempo’s needs, we have created on certain pages, a secondary navigation system which serves as chaptering.